LOWLAND - Artificial Green Wall GD103


Shipping time: 7 dni
  • Panels with dimensions 50x100 cm (0.5 sq m) 
  • The thickness of the green panel: 10-25 cm 
  • From 4 to 10 types of artificial plants 
  • Realistic effect, dense and lush structure 
  • Each copy is made to order, handmade in our company, thanks to which all of them are unique and unique 
  • It does not require maintenance, watering or adequate insolation 
  • Perfect for home and professional use 
  • Easy assembly, no specialized equipment required 
  • Depending on the size of the wall, we adjust the number of panels and arrange them numbering so that they form a coherent green image. After receiving the product, you can easily install them in accordance with the instructions in the manual. 

* Panels are made to order, each requires individual reconciliation of the size and proportions of the artificial vertical garden. Shipping possible after prior arrangement with the customer. 


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